• A Profile of Samuel Oshana, Investment Specialist

  • Posted on February 20, 2018
  • Over the course of his prolific career, Samuel Oshana has done considerable work with a few the largest and most prominent brokerages in the country; some as renowned as Heartland Securities and JP Morgan. While working with those companies, he held Series 7 and Series 63 licenses, which are basic licenses allowing a broker to trade all types of securities. Later on, he added a Series 55 license, so he could legally trade equities, as well. Throughout that time, he learned a lot about the value of the right kind of investment, even as he learned how best to maximize investment returns.

    Over the past few years, Sam Oshana has become more interested in real estate investment. For instance, he has been loaning capital to individuals and small companies, using their real estate as collateral. A short time ago, he even obtained a Florida real estate brokerage license, thus giving him the ability to expand the scope of his investments to include Florida residential and commercial real estate of all types. Recently, he has shifted his focus to redeveloping old neighborhoods. He now purchases distressed properties in Florida's Dade and Broward Counties, which he restores and then re-sells, usually for an excellent profit. This way, he brings back neighborhoods and also makes a lot of money doing so.

    Over the last couple decades, Samuel Oshana has been a very successful businessman and investment professional. He has led investments in a great many business areas in both New York and Florida. The bulk of his business success has come from his ability to guide money to the right investment. Often, that has meant starting up new companies and nurturing them to success.

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